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Angulus Infectiosus, Atopic Eczema

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diagnosislocalizationlesionsadditional descriptions
Angulus Infectiosusangle of the mouthrhagade 
Angulus Infectiosusangle of the mouthcrust 
Angulus Infectiosusangle of the mouth maceration
Angulus Infectiosusperi-oralerythema, crust 
Angulus Infectiosusperi-oralerythemamaceration
Angulus Infectiosuschinerythema, crust 
Angulus Infectiosuschinerythemamaceration
Angulus Infectiosuscheekerythema, crust 
Angulus Infectiosuscheekerythemamaceration
Atopic Eczemaangle of the mouthrhagade 
Atopic Eczemaangle of the mouthcrust 
Atopic Eczemaangle of the mouth maceration
Atopic Eczemaperi-oralerythema, crust 
Atopic Eczemaperi-oralerythemamaceration
Atopic Eczemachinerythema, crust 
Atopic Eczemachinerythemamaceration
Atopic Eczemacheekerythema, crust 
Atopic Eczemacheekerythemamaceration

patient information

  • patient sex: male male
  • patient race: caucasian