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Leprechaunism Syndrome


Rare and poorly defined syndrome that seems to be inherited. It is characterized by intra-uterine and postnatal growth retardation, decreased subcutaneous tissue and muscle mass, a characteristic facies, and tissue resistance to insulin. The neonate shows a broad nose, low set ears and hypertrichosis of the forehead and cheeks. The thickened skin appears too large for the body and is folded at the flexures. Muscle wasting is usually present and often progressive. Early death is usual.


Leprechaunism Syndrome, Donohue Syndrome


Donahue's syndrome, Donohue syndrome, Donohue's syndrome, Leprechaunism, Leprechaunism syndrome, Syndrome, Donohue's


5 images found for this diagnose localisation: mamma, diagnosis: Leprechaunism Syndrome, Gynecomastia localisation: back of neck, diagnosis: Leprechaunism Syndrome, Acanthosis Nigricans Benigna localisation: anogenital region, diagnosis: Leprechaunism Syndrome localisation: gluteal cleft, diagnosis: Leprechaunism Syndrome localisation: toe, diagnosis: Leprechaunism Syndrome