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Ulcus Molle


Acute, localized autoinoculable infectious disease usually acquired through sexual contact. Caused by HAEMOPHILUS DUCREYI, it occurs endemically almost worldwide, especially in tropical and subtropical countries and more commonly in seaports and urban areas than in rural areas.


Ulcus Molle, Soft chancre, Chancroid


Bubo due to Haemophilus ducreyi, Bubo, chancroidal, Chancre, Ducrey's, Chancre, soft, Chancroid, Chancroidal bubo, Chancroids, Ducrey's chancre, Ducrey's disease, Ducrey's, chancre, Ducrey's, disease, Inguinal bubo, Simple chancre, Soft chancre, Soft chancre - chancroid, Soft sore - chancroid, Ulcus molle, Ulcus, molle


2 images found for this diagnose localisation: inguinal region, diagnosis: Ulcus Molle localisation: glans penis, diagnosis: Ulcus Molle