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Exostosis, Subungual


Outgrowth of normal bone tissue most commonly found in the great toes. It presents as a solitary, pink or flesh-coloured, firm swelling below the nail that may attain a size of 8 to 10 mm in diameter. X-ray examination will confirm the diagnosis. Lesions usually develop in older children, adolescents, or young adults and are often precipitated by trauma, although they may also evolve spontaneously.


Exostosis, Subungual, Subungual Exostosis


Subungual exostosis


4 images found for this diagnose localisation: subungual (toe nail), diagnosis: Exostosis, Subungual localisation: subungual (toe nail), nail plate (toe nail), diagnosis: Exostosis, Subungual diagnosis: Exostosis, Subungual diagnosis: Exostosis, Subungual