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Ichthyosis Congenita


Ichthyosis group marked by great variability, most of the conditions being transmitted as autosomal recessive traits. The affected children present with an armour-like thickening of the skin, deep fissures and ectropion of the eyelids and the oral mucosa. On a clinical and histological basis, bullous (BULLOUS ICHTHYOTIC ERYTHRODERMA OF BROCQ; ICHTHYOSIS BULLOSA OF SIEMENS) and non-bullous forms ( HARLEQUIN ICHTHYOSIS; LAMELLAR ICHTHYOSES) can be distinguished.


Ichthyosis Congenita


Congenital ichthyosis, Congenital ichthyosis of skin, NOS, Fish skin, NOS, Ichthyosis congenita


7 images found for this diagnose localisation: axilla, diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita localisation: back of neck, diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita localisation: gluteal, sole, diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita, Collodion Baby localisation: face, diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita, Congenital Ichthyosiform Erythroderma diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita diagnosis: Ichthyosis Congenita